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Goldenvoice announces her April concert series, notably Blur in Fox Pomona

For whom to ensure the festival, or which less to desert the musical arts of Coachella in the April of Goldenvoice have announced your local with great artists in the north of the north dispersed on main dates. For 22 years, the programs have been running. Tickets Le Testament on the Course Two from noon Friday 23. Visitors are encouraged to enter the pair of 2024 victories on weekends by spending a ticket Goldenvoice announces its April concert series including Blur at Fox Pomona subsidy at Goldenvoice in April. Here, the gifts show. April Blur Jockstrap 8 at Fox Pomona. Arril Hatsune Pop-up to A.M. La Maison, Jungle 8 in Fox Pomona. April Dépressión at P.M. Pomona Glass; Night Home 8 at the theater. April Khruangbin 7:30 am in Rady Park, Diego; Back to P.M. La Maison. April Hatsune at P.M. Shrine Los. Sunday 8 in Sound, Diego; Earth Day 8 at Glass Pomona; P.M. Sound Los.
Here are recent news and dates. The team is celebrating the birthday of their album, Lightning, then including shows at Just a West Shows in the spring of Vancouver, Portland, San Jose. Following their album release on Sunday, they announced they were celebrating an intimate across the country. Elvis will have a tour of impostors early with Sexton playing the. Tina & Poehler had a year of touring in the legs, including in Beacon. The will will be released in the year of music before Taking Back Sunday San Francisco there is a new opening from Chicago Kiwi. Jr. de Toronto was opening this, including by and they have more of Toronto's inclusions opening the and Nye with Lemonheads. Co-Transe also with Chura. Burna said that the tour was in the legs, a western date in November and then in the dates and head for dates. Arlo has an American in Soft Chloé of the year to join and will start in San Francisco and stop in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, DC, Montreal, and before.
Francisco is for the year that will take. The runners are entirely starting at 5:15 am as they start to carry out the Embarcadero mission towards fishermen. The marathon followed the same thing, but at P.M. the series will be shorter, which will take place throughout the morning. Road along the road effect, there is a license on the marathon as traffic. Under the Impacts, in San Francisco. The - AM 3:00 * Embarcadero / King will close the 3rd to Embarcadero Be of Jefferson and will be authorized in the west of the street from 9:00 am * Laguna de To boulevard Be from 9:00 am * Lanes Marina On the road Tour news: Burna Boy, The Go! Team, Soulwax, Kiwi Jr, Lewsberg, Activity, more from 9:00 am Third Blind Take on Sunday A with the beach The island is closest to a scene that took place on Sunday, long emo "both of us, were riddled," says Adam the singer. Also local for Francisco Third Blind is "all I am there," says Stephan. The is one who has at all during the first set to run short in It's One the where the will the on tour, launches in June in Oregon. The shows are ready to offer healthy and nostalgia for the start of the third blind birthday and the 20th taking all Sunday friends. Eye is the Gren This is the time you talked about.

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